Diet plan for tinea versicolor

By | July 6, 2020

diet plan for tinea versicolor

Tinea versicolor diet is generally recommended to people who are suffering from the skin infection. The Tinea Versicolor diet consist of the foods that support healthy skin and improves your immune system. Tinea versicolor is an infection of the skin caused due to fungi. It is caused by a type of yeast that naturally lives on your skin. When the yeast grows out of control, the skin disease is caused. It makes its appearance as a rash, or itchy white spots. It generally occurs in teens or young adults. Its causes include, oily skin, hot climate, lots of sweating, and weak immune system. But the infection is not contagious. The Tnea versicolor diet should include the following food: Eat plenty high immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which include fruits and vegetables which are great sources of vitamins A, C, and E—all which are antioxidant powerhouses.

This superficial infection by a yeast results in small, discolored patches known as tinea versicolor. The little white, and often itchy, spots may be all over your back, perhaps shoulders, even face, neck, and arms. Tinea versicolor occurs most frequently in teens and young adults, and tinea versicolor is not contagious. Once treated, it often recurs but usually not right away. What causes Tinea Versicolor? A number of factors may trigger growth of the tinea versicolor fungus. Boost your immune system by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables which are high in immune-boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Dark, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, grapes, tomatoes, and red and orange bell peppers are all great sources of vitamins A, C, and E—all which are antioxidant powerhouses. Take a look at this list of simple tips for including immune boosting foods in your diet. For additional immune support with antioxidants, my favorite product is Uckele’s Mega-antioxidant, which contains all the top antioxidants, along with gut-supporting nutrients. Vitamin D is important for supporting a healthy immune system and healthy skin.

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Versicolor tinea plan diet for

Tinea versicolor is a fungal infection of the skin, which interferes with normal skin pigmentation, resulting in small, discolored patches. What constitutes good nutrition for tinea versicolor? There’s not a specific tinea versicolor diet, but eating well in general is helpful. The American Academy of Dermatology says tinea versicolor also known as pityriasis versicolor is caused by a yeast species known as Malassezia. This yeast is found on everybody’s skin. A number of factors can trigger the yeast to overgrow, including having oily skin, living in a hot and humid climate and sweating a lot.

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