Do more men drink diet coke than women

By | February 11, 2021

do more men drink diet coke than women

I t was when I started drinking Diet Coke. It only dawns on me now how fashion forward this was, considering it had been invented just five years before the other drink I took to this same year, beer, had been discovered in early Neolithic times. To drink Fat Coke in an atmosphere like that would have been a gesture of defiance. Which was fine, people made those, even in the 80s, but you had to be really thin. Otherwise you just looked as though you had no control. Diet Coke celebrates its 30th birthday this year, as the second most popular soda in the world, after Coke. This placement happened in , and was a cataclysmic fizzy-pop event, a diet drink outstripping a full-fat drink — Pepsi, formerly the second most popular.

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