Does trump drink coke or diet coke

By | February 20, 2021

does trump drink coke or diet coke

President Donald Trump drinks roughly 12 cans of Diet Coke every day, according to a lengthy New York Times profile about how he grapples with the daily demands of the presidency. Trump is famous for his voracious consumption of cable news and tendency to fire off impulsive tweets when he’s displeased with the way he’s portrayed in the media. According to the Times report, the only people allowed to touch the TV remote are Trump and the technical support staff. The Times said the president watches up to eight hours of TV per day. While he watches the news, Trump frequently likes to share his thoughts on the day’s headlines with whoever’s in the room — including members of the housekeeping staff, whom he “summons via a button for lunch or one of the dozen Diet Cokes he consumes each day,” per The Times. Trump is known for his fast-food habit. According to a book written by former top campaign aides Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, “the orchestrating and timing of Mr.

Donald Trump is known for tweeting at all hours of the night, but could his love of caffeine be behind his sleepless nights? A New York Times report alleged the President drinks up to a dozen cans of Diet Coke a day, which is far above the weekly limit recommended. And although Trump once called the beverage ” garbage ” in a tweet, a newly released tape of Trump calling out for a Coke amid a conversation with lawyer Michael Cohen reveals the President still enjoys a sip of soda—even during a contentious moment. Here is a brief look at Trump’s sometimes rocky history with the popular drink. The Coca Cola company is not happy with me–that’s okay, I’ll still keep drinking that garbage. In October , Trump tweeted that he’s “never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke. However, the businessman then followed up that remark with a backhanded endorsement, saying, “I’ll still keep drinking that garbage. Celebrating ! A post shared by President Donald J. Trump realdonaldtrump on May 26, at pm PDT. After Trump found out he won the 1, delegates needed to earn the Republican nomination, the then-presidential candidate popped out the bubbly to celebrate. No, not a bottle of champagne—a small bottle of Diet Coke.

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