Dr. Jean Seignalet diet foods

By | February 4, 2021

Dr. Jean Seignalet diet foods

Auto-immune diseases. The lupus rash on her face became so damaged by the harsh New Zealand sun her nose virtually rotted away. So as you might imagine, the affect of paleo eating on auto-immune disease is something of a personal interest. This is the only study known at the date of this video where the effect of the paleo diet was trialled in people with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. It was done in France by a doctor who took it upon himself to test the paleo or ancestral diet on his patients. His point of view is that autoimmune disease is caused by unnatural foods in the diet. Following is the disease, number of patients trialling the diet, success rate. I spent a little time looking for information on the French Doctor.

Jean Seignalet — worked as a doctor and professor in the Montpellier Hospital France. Known as a pioneer in renal transplantation, he is also the author of a theory, which states that most autoimmune diseases are related to the modern diet. Seignalet believed that any new food, thus any food added to the archaic diet during the thousands of years of the mankind evolution, may induce immunostimulation and disease because of proteins and other nutrients arenot recognized as self-antigens. Inspired by the scientists Edward Bach —, Paul Carton — and Catherine Kousmine —, the scientific background of his theory relies on knowledge decades old and mostly unconfirmed by modern research standards. Briefly, he believed that modifications in agriculture over time had generated cereals with toxic proteins. Also, he believed that the modification of proteins of meats and vegetables, which occurs by cooking them at high temperatures as we do in the modern era, had not been accompanied by a similar adjustment of the human digestive system to many food-derived antigens. Thus, the proteins we eat may not be completely digested, causing the intestinal microflora change from fermentative normal to putrefactive abnormal. The products of putrefaction are toxic, and once absorbed unbalance the bodily systems. According to Dr. His theories, however, thirty years ago did not engender the favor of the scientific community who called for empirical evidence of such an antigenic response to food.

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