Gym diet chicken recipes

By | April 6, 2021

gym diet chicken recipes

Unfortunately, the very qualities that make chicken breast such a diet MVP can also mean it gets a little boring after a while. Fortunately, you can break the monotony with a little creativity in the kitchen. Try these 12 easy and flavor-packed ideas to add major zest to your chicken breasts without piling on excess carbs or calories. Cut chicken breast tenders into bite-size pieces, and stir-fry in a couple teaspoons of butter or butter substitute. When the chicken is cooked through, sprinkle with hot sauce such as Tabasco to taste and toss to coat. To make this dish taste even more like the tavern favorite, serve with celery sticks and a few blue cheese crumbles mixed with fat-free yogurt or mayonnaise. Ground chicken breast goes from dull to dazzling with a couple of secret weapons. Add a few spoonfuls of jarred Thai curry paste red or green and a splash of pungent fish sauce to the ground meat, and form into small, flat patties.

Like steak and eggs, this chicken and rice dish should be held in the same regard. Packed full of the essential macronutrients and micro it’s a Men’s Health must. The benefits are quite simple: it will bulk you up and refuel your body. The high protein of the chicken will help rebuild damaged muscle fibres while the carbohydrate content of the rice will replace muscle glycogen levels and refuel. Perfect for a post-workout meal. And as for cost, good chicken doesn’t have to be expensive. Nor does rice. This meal shouldn’t cost you more than a fiver. Make positive steps to become healthier and mentally strong with all the best fitness, muscle-building and nutrition advice delivered to your inbox. Type keyword s to search. Today’s Top Stories. Welcome to The World’s Fittest App.

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This savvy method of cooking chicken breasts will mean your meal prep will always be quick, easy and varied…leaving more time for you to spend at the gym or indeed relaxing after a long day at work. Get the recipe. Say hello to your new sidekick, what batman is to robin, this dish is to your fitness goals. Saving you from repetitive meals and cutting cooking time, this quick-to-make recipe is our latest dinnertime hero Inspired by Asian dining, this tasty chicken stir-fry is fresh, filling and full of flavour. This delicious chicken recipe goes out to the disciplined; those who eat bland meals just to meet their macros. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences.

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