Nlueberry lemon cake made on the paleo diet

By | April 10, 2021

nlueberry lemon cake made on the paleo diet

This complicated expensive camera stuff is hard. So hopefully the more I play with every single setting on the camera, the better pictures will get. But I only had a good 10 minutes to test things out and get pictures done, so this is what you get. Sorry for not being sorry, but still kind of sorry. I had to run in the snow yesterday. I promised myself that I would run every day for an entire month, 2. Or because it was my birthday and I just wanted to stay in, eat cake, while watching the Food Network and Sex and the City. He also put a picture of me failing at a beer bong while surfing in Lake Powell on the website. I fail at partying AND working out.

This Paleo Blueberry Lemon Cake makes a delicious addition to a weekend brunch, breakfast treat, or dessert! Moist and flavorful with a light lemon syrup. No one will ever know this recipe is grain-free, and refined sugar free! Anyone else in brunch mode? By myself I might add. But no worries, I had my computer and some work to do. While I do not have a sweet tooth in the mornings, the waitress was trying to tempt me with a very tasty looking Blueberry Lemon Cake. It was very tempting, but I took a nice peek at the cake and thought I could easily turn that into something healthier!! That happens quite often actually. I get my inspiration for tasty looking and sounding meals that might not be all that nutritious for us, and turn it into a healthy masterpiece! Not always

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But I will definitely make this again. Rate this recipe. This is definitely a dense, moist loaf. So glad you loved it. This bread is delicious and so easy. Jump to Recipe. Yum Yum Yum!!! Therefore, I apologize ahead of time.

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