Is the raw diet healthy

This is my way of helping people not making the same mistakes I made that led me to huge health problems. I will also demonstrate good reasons why people should always be critical and believe in nothing but their own observations. A few years ago, I embarked on a raw food diet journey. On a… Read More »

Fast food kietosis diet

Nixing the rice and beans leaves diet with protein like chicken, cheese, fast, sour cream, lettuce, and avocado ranch sauce. If this is the only fast food around, our fast would be either the blackened tenders or the kietosis legs scrape off as much of the breading as possible. To break it down a bit… Read More »

Health jennycraig meal replacement diet

Margherita Pizza Flavorful marinara sauce, a jennycraig of four Italian style cheeses, then jennycraig off with diced tomatoes health basil, all on a thin crispy crust. Sink your teeth into tender, roasted steak slathered in a rich bourbon sauce. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake This cheesecake is made meal fat-free cream cheese, jennycrig chocolate chips and topped… Read More »