Plant based diet and leukemia

By | September 12, 2020

plant based diet and leukemia

Many times when I speak with people who are just diagnosed with cancer, they want to change their diet immediately. I get it. They want control over something in their life when suddenly everything seems out of control. Cancer survivors may turn to food as something they can control. Healthy, balanced food choices are an important part of any treatment plan, but if you are making changes to your diet, you need to do it the right and safe way. When I ask people why they are thinking about becoming a vegetarian, the answers vary. Some folks report that the internet or a close friend insists that a vegetarian diet is best. People who are more science-oriented may argue that fruits and veggies have the most antioxidants, so a vegetarian diet is the healthiest. The goal to live a long, healthy life is a common desire for cancer survivors. Eating fewer calories, saturated fat, and animal fats may be one way to reduce your risk for many chronic diseases, especially inflammation, heart disease, and circulation problems.

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During the month of March, you may want to focus on the importance of making nutritious food choices and building healthy eating habits. Plant-based eating can be one way to improve your nutrition. There is not a specific definition of plant-based eating. Some people consider plant-based eating to be following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle that eliminates most or all animal products.

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