Raw cat food diet benefits

By | July 3, 2020

raw cat food diet benefits

September 07 Brewer, and K. Now, on a raw food diet their stools are much smaller half the size, dry and crumbly and with minimal smell. We have found that grinding or shredding their favorite treat on top of the food can help. They do not promote plaque buildup which is most likely to happen when you feed your cats with carbohydrates. When compared to dogs, cats only have one enzyme system that makes it difficult for it to digest all other types of food aside from raw meat that it is used to eat. CBD Oil.

Despite their current status as domesticated pets, cats are natural-born hunters who evolved eating a raw, prey-based diet. Cats in the wild devour the entire animal — basically a combination of raw meat, bones a valuable source of calcium and offal. Below, we outline the many benefits of feeding your cat a raw food diet similar to the one that nature intended. They have short, acidic digestive systems which means a protein meal usually only takes a short 12 hours to pass through. In the wild, the only carbohydrates cats eat are found pre-digested in the intestines of prey animals. When cats are fed a species appropriate raw food diet, their bodies utilise more of their food, so there is less waste to eliminate and less poop to scoop. Now, on a raw food diet their stools are much smaller half the size, dry and crumbly and with minimal smell. They also use the litter-box far less frequently, usually only every days. When your cat eats the diet that nature intended for them, they become physically and mentally more stimulated. The combination of a raw food diet and increased activity has also resulted in him shedding those extra kilograms. Dental health in cats is part genetics and part diet. When your cat eats carbohydrate-loaded kibble as part of their diet, they get that furry feeling on their teeth which leads to a build up of plaque and tartar, just like us humans.

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Written by: Dr. When considering the risks and benefits of raw diets and raw meat for dogs and cats, we should remember that recalled brands’ raw foods are vastly outnumbered by the hundreds of canned and dry foods that sickened or killed tens of thousands of dogs and cats in the recall fiasco and others since then. In reality, very few pets get sick from contaminated raw foods. On the other hand, the benefits of a raw meat diet are many. Skin, ear, digestive, weight, allergic, and immune-related diseases usually improve on a high-quality, balanced raw diet. Raw food does have potential drawbacks as well as benefits, especially for pet parents. However, it is a common contaminant of meat, poultry and eggs in human food as well. Food and Drug Administration FDA warnings typically emphasize the risks to frail people like young infants, the elderly, and immune-compromised people e. In fact, some dogs and cats are already carriers, simply from environmental exposure. The vast majority of human cases are completely unrelated to dogs and cats.

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