South beach diet phase 1 snack

By | June 28, 2020

south beach diet phase 1 snack

The South Beach Diet touts many benefits, including substantial weight loss, stabilized blood sugar, reduced cravings, and increased energy. When following the South Beach Diet, you can expect a drastic change to your diet, at least in the first phase. There are three phases of the South Beach Diet. Phase 1 is the most restrictive no fruit, grains, starches, or alcohol and lasts one to two weeks to help your body reboot and get used to burning fat instead of carbs for fuel. During Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, you will be able to eat many of the foods you currently enjoy, including ground beef and a variety of vegetables. You’ll cut carbohydrates during this phase, and that will help you to reduce excess water weight. You may see a five-pound change on the scale or even more in the span of a week. During Phase 1, these are the foods and ingredients you can incorporate into your diet.

Yet in the end, the most effective diet for weight loss is whichever one you can easily stick with long-term. In addition, protein helps modify hormone levels that reduce hunger and promote fullness, so you end up naturally eating less 5, 6, 7. Ketogenic diets include very few carbs. For many people, that is the bulk of their diet before they start the South Beach Diet, so it can be quite a hurdle to overcome. At this point, your menus should look like Phase 1 meals but with the addition of two or three servings each of fruit, starches or grains, and dairy. Many veggies make a great snack when eaten cool or at room temperature, and this may be a more convenient option for work days. In addition, it allows the use of processed vegetable oils.

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