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Keto diet affecting skin

So how does a high-fat eating plan like the keto diet affect your skin? To keep track of how the keto diet or any diet change affects your skin, consider keeping a food diary. Kathryn Allen, MD. Your body still needs fuel to function, so your brain signals it to tap its reserve of ketones… Read More »

Vegan sugar reduced diet affecting breastfeeding?

However, there are many reasons a baby may be unsettled or have other symptoms that are like those of food intolerance. Sachan A. Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of poor nutrition on mood because pregnancy and lactation increase nutrient requirements. Thirst Making breastmilk uses extra fluid, so breastfeeding mothers are often… Read More »

Plant based diets affecting top soil

Fruit may be healthy, but it can come with a high carbon cost Credit: Getty Images. Diets does diet soda raise your triglycerides documented based trends in regards to environmental impacts of modeled substitutions for meat 46 — And less than the “greenest” farmed meat — chicken — top produced 4. Plant practices have, in… Read More »