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Keto diet fast muscle cramps

Following a keto diet has many advantages and benefits; however, some experience serious leg cramps as a result of eliminating carbs from their diet. Read about why these happen and how you can prevent leg cramps when on a low carb diet. Causes of muscle cramps for most people may vary. Some reasons are exercising… Read More »

Fast food allowed on renal diet

People tend to resort to eating fast food because That’s the sad truth about people nowadays; almost everyone is in a hurry that people tend to choose fast food service than healthier food. Plus, most fast foods now tend to be tastier than regular, home-cooked meals. Not to mention, part of usual kidney disease diet… Read More »

Trumps fast food diet cartoons

It will be interesting. In fact, it can be wonderful. A few dozen wings and thighs from Popeyes or a Chick-fil-A nugget tray make for a festive dinner-party centerpiece. Shake Shack-catered weddings are all over Pinterest. No less glittery an event than the Vanity Fair Oscar party has served In-N-Out burgers to its throngs of… Read More »