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Ketogenic diet shaving bumps

This a diet method that involves a reduction of carbs in the diet. Keto is a diet that is easy to adopt since it only involves the withdrawal of glucose from the diet. However, some merits come with this particular diet, e. Low carb itch comes in the form of painful, itchy red bumps. There… Read More »

Headaches during ketogenic diet

This RCT showed that a low carb diet led to the same amount of uric acid reduction as did a low-fat or a Mediterranean diet. However, hypoglycemia symptoms tend to be more severe than the milder induction symptoms. This can result in bad breath, so make sure to drink enough. Different electrolytes play different roles… Read More »

Ketogenic diet volek phinney

It’s volek easy ketogenic say that a book diet your life, but in this case is essential in order to achieve and sustain the benefits ketogenic and my athletic performance. A thorough understanding of the proper composition and vole of a well-formulated ketogenic diet WFKD both the “Art and Science Books” have fundamentally impacted my… Read More »

Is ketogenic diet good for the brain

You may think the ketogenic diet, or keto diet, is simply the latest trend in weight loss. But did you know that this diet has been used since the s in treatment-resistant epilepsy? Its effects on bipolar disorder and autism spectrum disorder, however, have been mixed. One of my patients who had a severe case… Read More »