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Is potassium needed from diet

However, reducing sodium intake decreased both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in adults, and increasing potassium intake via food or supplements did not reduce blood pressure any further. Check with your dietitian on the amount of leached high potassium vegetables that can be safely included in your diet. London and New York: Informa Healthcare; J… Read More »

What is needed in a complete diet

In recent decades, scientific research has rapidly expanded the understanding of human nutrition, but this may make a healthy diet seem much more complicated than it used to be. A balanced meal is a snapshot of a diet that covers the three core food groups. As seen on this portion plate, the balance is a… Read More »

Type of diet needed to lower high cholesterol

Hospitals, surgery and procedures. Learn more. Genetic factors and cholesterol Familial needed is an inherited condition characterised by lower than normal levels of blood cholesterol Hint: high food labels carefully and if cholesterol see trans fat listed choose another product. Hint: when cooking with oil, or using unsaturated spreads such as margarine on sandwiches, aim… Read More »