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Review ketogenic diet research articles

The prevalence of obesity has been rapidly rising over the few decades globally and in India. Obesity also predisposes individuals to type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease apart from osteoarthritis, sleep apnoea and even some forms of cancer 1. Obese individuals are also prone to psychological issues such as low self-esteem and depression. Medical… Read More »

All day energy diet review

I tried to flip back in the book to see where he explained these acronyms, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Customers who bought this item also bought. The food most of us eat doesn’t help, either. Want answers about gluten and auto immune disease? Foods the All-Day Energy Diet Says to Eat: Kale, spinach, bok… Read More »

How reliable is ayurvedic diet review

Cording stresses the importance of paying attention to your body on this diet. Westend61 Getty Images. This deadly combination is a main culprit for obesity, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer 6. You may need to make some adjustments along the way. Salmon and other fatty fish6. Still, it’s hard to say exactly… Read More »

Dirty keto keto diet review

The standard ketogenic diet and dirty keto both have the same goal, to keep carbohydrates to a minimum so that your body starts burning ketones fats for energy instead of glucose from carbs. Many beginners on the low carb, high fat lifestyle find it difficult to adhere to a properly formulated ketogenic diet. Without proper… Read More »