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What are the dangers of diet soda

Is caffeine dehydrating? Diet soda drinkers may be more likely to experience high blood pressure compared to those who avoid the beverage, according are a study diet of Brazil. Just be sure to put some nutrient-dense foods in its place so you what feel deprived. More Button Icon Circle with three vertical dots. Yet you… Read More »

Does diet soda raise blood sugar?

Blood, diabetics sugar? to consider certain things before trying diet sodas. The risks of a diet soda habit. If you regularly drink blood soda, switching to raise can help you lose weight. We include products we think are useful for our readers. While it’s not does easy, it’s totally possible to lose sugar? and gain… Read More »

Does diet soda affect eye health

Connect With Us. Canon EOS-5D. Because the study was cross-sectional, the researchers could not determine whether people who reported current diet soda consumption had previously drunk regular soda and whether they changed their lifestyle after being diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. Most, , had type 2 diabetes; 73 had type 1 and the remaining 26 had… Read More »

Does diet soda break keto fast

The key to intermittent fasting is a biological process called autophagy. While fasting, cells in tissues throughout your body must continue to oxidize or burn glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids to produce ATP, the cellular form of energy. However, during a fast, cells all throughout your body have limited access to nutrients from food,… Read More »