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Palm oil blood type diet

Search for. These are marked with blood NEW tag. Beauty experts recommend that diet for woman age 70 palm are blood type AB to use brightly colored nail polish. There is also a lot of information about how bad soy products are these oil. Delicate, long, fair ten fingers suit red, purple or chocolate-brown, pa,m.… Read More »

Why the blood type diet is nonsense

Keys to evaluating material critical to the Blood Type Theory or any other scientific hypothesis. Lectins are common in plant foods, especially grains and beans, and may be involved in food allergies and some immune disorders. But there is no convincing evidence for any interactions between lectins and the molecules that determine blood type. There’s… Read More »

How to treat diabetes type 2 with diet

To explain: early on the road to developing high blood sugar and getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, an insulin-resistant person usually has too much insulin in the blood. In addition to yoga, try deep breathing before bed. A healthy, balanced diet is a powerful tool for managing type 2 diabetes. Here are some sample… Read More »