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Keto diet and blood in urine

Oeto last section will evaluate the evidence about the safety keto low-carb diets for those with a confirmed diagnosis of either mild or advanced kidney disease. No estimates, no diet, just blood accurate blood-ketone reading. Controlling your high blood pressure will lead and better outcomes if you’ve got renal problems. Nevertheless, if you want pooja… Read More »

Keto diet urine test results

Updated Sep 8th, — Written by Craig Clarke. Medical review by Dr. Ketosis is a metabolic state where the liver breaks down fat to produce ketones. Ketones, on a ketogenic diet, are the primary fuel source for the body. There are three main ways to measure the ketones in your body, all of which have… Read More »

Urine incontinence on woman after dieting

Obesity is an established and modifiable risk factor for urinary incontinence, but conclusive evidence for a beneficial effect of weight loss on urinary incontinence is lacking. We randomly assigned overweight and obese women with at least 10 urinary-incontinence episodes per week to an intensive 6-month weight-loss program that included diet, exercise, and behavior modification patients… Read More »