The false fat diet

By | November 15, 2020

the false fat diet

False fat, or excess inflammation and bloating around the midsection, can account for pounds of excess weight many people battle. Food allergies and sensitivities and the ways they affect a large portion of the population are coming under increasing scrutinization. Although severe allergies to common foods may not necessarily be as widespread, many allergists and health professionals believe wide-spread sensitivities to commonly used foods go unnoticed. Food sensitivities are often responsible for the accumulation of false fat. The commonly experienced collection of excess fluid around the digestive tract is caused by inflammation. The same types of inflammation can occur when parts of the body are injured externally, and such physical symptoms provide a good clue as to how the body handles commonly allergenic foods. Elson Haas, who has written extensively about the issue and wrote the book, The False Fat Diet, hones in on seven foods that are the common culprit for food sensitivities and cause bloating, inflammation, water weight, and swelling. These foods include wheat, sugar, corn, eggs, soy, dairy, and peanuts. Haas points out wheat, sugar, and corn are particularly problematic because they are so commonly used as additives and fillers in processed foods, which make up a large portion of common diets.

Dec 29, KM rated it liked it Shelves: health. The author explains all this to you in great detail. Five Innovations Because this diet is a new, unique approach, it adds five important innovations to the battle against obesity. In fact, the average person eats about 5 pounds of these additives each year. Haas astute study and will be writing to him to personally thank him for helping me save my life and return to the health I once knew as a younger woman in her 20’s. Nicholas Gonzalez and Carol Alt. It’s a scientifically designed method of giving you power over food, so that you can make smart food choices.

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