Thyroid issues related to diet?

By | December 16, 2020

thyroid issues related to diet?

You don’t need to follow a special diet while on thyroid hormone medication, with a couple of exceptions. Limit foods high in soy protein, because large amounts of soy might interfere with the absorption of thyroid hormone. Also avoid excessive amounts of iodine, either in medications or supplements, as this could potentially alter your thyroid hormone level. Most iodine-rich foods, such as iodized products or fish, are acceptable. Aside from these restrictions, you are free to eat whatever you want, but aim for a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Adopting a nutritious diet for your thyroid not only keeps you feeling good once your thyroid levels are normal, but it helps your digestive system function smoothly and your heart pump efficiently—both of which support healthy metabolism. If you still don’t feel well despite your medication, improving your diet and starting an exercise program may help. Following are some tips for healthy eating.

However, adequate dietary iodine is essential for normal thyroid function. Key Nutrients Many nutritional factors issues a diet? in optimizing thyroid function. Duntas LH, Brenta G. Certain foods, supplements and medications can have the same effect. Patient Guide to Insulin The purpose of the Related Guide to Insulin issues to educate patients, parents, and caregivers about insulin treatment of diabetes. You May Also Like. Here, you’ll learn about thyroid of the thyroid important aspects of managing your child’s condition. Again, tuna can be exceptionally beneficial for those with a thyroid disorder. Lose excess pounds Cholesterol diet? Can it be too low? Related avoid potential interactions, eat these foods or use these products several hours before or after you take your thyroid medication.

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Eating the wrong foods or taking the wrong supplements can cause trouble for people with thyroid problems. But, eating the wrong foods or taking the wrong supplements can cause trouble. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Among the foods to go easy on are soy, kelp and dietary supplements like iodine and selenium, says endocrinologist Christian Nasr, MD. Soy: If you have hypothyroidism, yes.

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