What is an ostrichs diet

By | March 22, 2021

what is an ostrichs diet

It has now disappeared from large parts of this range, [26] and it only remains in 6 of the 18 countries where it originally occurred, leading some to consider it Critically Endangered. When threatened, common ostriches run away, but they can cause serious injury and death with kicks from their powerful legs. Namespaces Article Talk. When an Ostrich is threatened, it will lie flat on the ground to appear less obvious or run away. If caught, the Ostrich will kick out at its pursuer with its powerful legs. When attacking a person, common ostriches deliver slashing kicks with their powerful feet, armed with long claws, with which they can disembowel or kill a person with a single blow. Ratites have smooth breastbones lacking keels, the bone structures to which flight muscles would normally be attached. It is not covered by connective tissue, which is characteristic of vertebrate heart anatomy.

It has also been introduced to Australia. The ostrich is a member of the ratite which means flightless bird family of birds. It is the only living species in the family: Struthionidae and a member of the order. Struthioniformes which also includes Rheas, Emus, Kiwis and Cassowaries which are also large, flightless birds from different parts of the world. Ostriches can grow to measure 1. Despite being flightless, Ostriches have small wings that are covered with fluffy feathers. The wings are too small to lift the Ostriches heavy bodies off the ground and into the air but are used as rudders when the bird is running to help it change direction. Ostriches have long, bare necks, a flat, broad beak with a rounded tip and large eyes. They have long, powerful, bare legs and strong feet with 2 sharp claws on each foot which are used for defence.

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Predators of nests and young common ostriches include jackals, various birds of prey, warthogs, mongoose and Egyptian vultures. Retrieved 15 February Ostriches typically. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Birds.

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