Woman with fox as pet vegan diet

By | December 5, 2020

woman with fox as pet vegan diet

One of the best parts of living on this planet is the freedom to choose just about any lifestyle we like. Our diets are no exception. Every single day we get to decide what we want to eat and where we want to eat it from. However, some people take their food decisions one step further. Vegans are people that choose not to eat or use any animal products, including meat, dairy, honey, and eggs. Although many vegans have been accused of pushing their lifestyles onto others, many live amongst the rest of the world and go completely unnoticed. Sonia Sae is a blogger from Barcelona, Spain. The youngster has built a significant following for herself over the years and loves to share every aspect of her life with the world — including her pet. Although Sonia posts about most aspects of her life, there is one aspect that is more important to her than any other: living as a vegan. The star aims to use social media as a way to preach the lifestyle to people all around the world as Sonia believes animals should never be eaten, and should instead be given a chance to live. She does this by posting videos and motivational photos to help people looking to change their entire lifestyle.

It seems as though these foxes have adapted well to a life in the hot sun. Show 0 comments. In March , however, people claimed that Sae was unwilling to provide her fennec fox with the varied diet that he would naturally enjoy. Do you sometimes find yourself greeting people with the Vulcan salute? It happens a lot more than you think. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Sonia hoped that by feeding Jumanji a vegan diet, she could prove how everyone could live the lifestyle no matter their natural needs.

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Pet as with woman vegan diet fox

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